Ogham Inlaid Marquetry and Purfling
An Early Medieval alphabet was used primarily to write the Primitive or Proto-Goidelic Irish language (4th through 6th Centuries), and later the Old Irish language (6th through 9th Centuries). There are roughly 400 plus surviving orthodox inscriptions on stone monuments.

They are found throughout Ireland, the bulk of which are in southern Munster, with the largest number outside Ireland in western Britain in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Though our ArtScience is also a spiritual calling, its use here is based on scholastic understanding rather than the theories of Robert Graves or divination practised by diverse schools the resurgent Irish pre-Christian faith traditions. 

Síofгa Tech Pickguard Marquetry

◩ Wenge/Walnut Color Base
◩ Pale Maple/Spruce Color Ogham
◩ Ebony/Black Color Ogham Centreline