Another update to my concept art for Síofгa Tech SOПDBOΓD • HSS loaded pickgaurd featuring a Fishman Fluence Multi-Voice™ humbucker in a unique parallelogram configuration and the Glımг Change Engıne MIDI 2.0 and Audio Controller Interface with Nreal Air AR Glasses; with Programmable Pickup Presets; Haptic SmartKnobs (High Resolution, Single-Turn, Absolute Position Digital Encoders). This graphic is entirely created in vector format then saved to raster using Fusion 360, Blender, and Affinity.

CME Pro WIDI Thru6 BT with Bluetooth MIDI

CME Pro @CMEPro1 the innovator and contributing board member of the MIDI Association, recently introduced the WIDI Thru6 BT Wireless MIDI 2-In-6-Out Hub for Studio, Stage and Mobile music making.

Future-Proof 32-bit Processor
High-precision transmission at four times the speed with groundbreaking accuracy.
Extremely Accurate Transmission
100% exact transfer of all MIDI messages. Including Clock, Sysex, MTC and MPE.
High-speed Optocoupler
Seamless synchronization of all MIDI devices with secure error-free MIDI data input.
Premium Bluetooth MIDI
Ultra low 3ms latency advanced wireless MIDI connectivity for studio and stage.
USB-C Power Supply
Versatile power supply with general USB charger, power bank or USB hub.
CME Pro People-centric Service
Lifetime updates with 24/7 online support and hassle-free 1-to-1 warranty replacement.

ISO Collaborative Maker Co-operators for MIDI 2.0 Controller Project

Join me in gatecrashing the white male music tech club. My name is Muirén, and I seek collaborative maker co-operators to build an unusual MIDI 2.0 Control Ecosystem featuring machine vision and learning, in a unique form of motion capture for guitar and bass players, like a Mother Box of DC Comics fame. And if the physiology, psychology, neuroscience, and psycho-acoustics of musicianship, magic and Illusion fascinate you, all the better.

The unobtainium required for this project is now available in the form of the ProtoZOA board by AmeNote of Canada. Supported with open-source firmware and software, it has a dual Raspberry Pi Pico combined with a CME WIDI Core and serves as the first official prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0 specification systems.

Use to contact me.

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