“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Right now there are approximately 3 million cooperative businesses in the world with the top 300 for-profit cooperatives generating over $2.14 billion USD in revenue in 2019. That means Cooperative Capitalism, economic democracy for social democracy isn’t novel nor a marginally sustainable business model, when done right, it is an effective counter to the common, even normalized predatory, illiberal, anti-democracy, monopolistic impulses of Neo-liberal Capitalism.

My name is Muirén (sounds like moorayn) and I currently lead the organization and funding of non-profit research, development group dedicated to insuring start-up of Síofгa Tech (sounds like shee-off-rah), the ArtScience Worker Cooperative for Music Instruments and Co-Creative Relationship and Decision Support System. While open to all with shared values, we are also deliberately inclusive of the most disenfranchised members of the LGBTQIA+ communities, those of the African Diaspora, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Polynesia, and Asia. Co-Operators/Owner-Members can be of any nationality so long as they contractually agree to immigration to whichever nation is chosen as the best candidate.

The skill sets of this incept team can cross a spectrum of crafty artisans, hackers and makers, as well as other co-operators with diverse business skills in communications, grant writing, cooperative business, intellectual property and patent law,  environmental psychology, organisation science, and property development, wit initial monies invested in hosting a Discourse Forum and integrated Project Management system, coverage of legal research and services costs.

To radically reduce the costs of living, we guarantee housing and other critical infrastructure many of us find difficult to access, with our campus a unique transit-oriented, mixed-use, Live-Work CoHousing community on a suburban or near-suburban rural site.

While continuing to work in the United States of America and Canada, I have cast my net farther afield in search of a community of affinity in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, as well as Denmark, Netherlands, France.

If located in the United States the proposed incorporation is B-Corp, specifically either a Public Benefit or Social Purpose Corporation depending on the best candidate state selected, and still conforming to those socially responsible values and standards of accountability if incorporated in any geopolitical candidate state or nation chosen outside the United States.

In summary, we pursue a two-pronged strategy:
A. Incorporation of the for-profit worker cooperative and non-profit Live-Work campus.
B. Lay the groundwork for our first product family and alternative marketing system.

Come join the Síofгa Tech Incept Circle, contribute your time, talent, treasure to a great co-creative society, those who have the currency of socioeconomic privilege please use it in proactive allyship.
Come join the Síofгa Tech Incept Circle, contribute your time, talent, treasure to a great co-creative society, those who have the currency of socioeconomic privilege please use it in proactive allyship.

.Click here to join and donate to the Síofгa Tech Incept Fund!.

◩ Start-Up Visa IE
This is for citizens of countries outside of the EEA/Switzerland who wants to start a business and have enough means to support themselves in the process. STEM Programme Ireland

◩ Innovator Visa UK
This is for people that have an “endorsement letter” to a business or idea, approved by an endorsing body. List of Innovator Endorsing Bodies – GOV.UK

◩ Startup Denmark DK
For foreign entrepreneurs (non-EU citizens) giving you the opportunity to be granted a Danish residence permit in order to establish and run an innovative growth company. Start-Up Guide

◩ Start-Up Visa NL
Entrepreneurs who relocate to the Netherlands (Holland) to start a business will be required to enter into an official partnership with a business mentor. Application Guide

◩ Tech Visa FR
Startup founders may be granted a multi-year residence permit marked «Talent Passport innovative project » if they provide evidence of an innovative business project they want to develop in France. Partner Incubators and Accelerators

◩ Start-Up Visa CA
Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses. List of Designated Organizations