Liberapay Executive Summary 2

Novel Cooperative Research, Design, Manufacturing Company Forming,

Are you a Maker, Designer, Engineer, Coder, Artist, Artisan, an aspiring Writer, Comedian, Composer, Choreographer, Musician?

Perhaps you have elite skills in Business Administration, Environmental Psychology, Project Management, Intellectual Property, Patent Management?

You are invited to join the Síofгa Tech Incept Circle and contribute your time, talent, treasure in co-operatively founding a great co-creative society.

Síofгa Tech (sounds like shee-off-rah), is a for-profit, ArtScience Worker Cooperative for innovative Music Instruments and Co-Creative Relationship Management.

This hybrid or multi-stakeholder cooperative is open to all with shared values however it is deliberately inclusive of the most disenfranchised members of the LGBTQIA+ communities, those of the African Diaspora, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Polynesia, and Asia.

To minimized demotivating stress, distractions from creative discipline, and ensure full participation we will radically reduce the costs of living, through the provision of guaranteed housing and other critical infrastructure even the most fortunate among us can find difficult, even impossible access.

This is accomplished through our cooperative’s non-profit Live-Learn-Make CoHousing campus a unique transit-orientedmixed-use zoned suburban or near-suburban rural site.

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