ISO Guitar Teacher and Coach
My preference for lessons is via Zoom but scheduling now would be premature.
It’s the last week of September and I still need at least a month, perhaps a little more to finish building/testing my guitar.
In no particular order:
◩ Do you offer a discount for 3, 6 months or a year paid in advance?
◩ Two staff list Rock & Funk, you are the only one listing metal, your recommendation?
◩ Before auditioning as a student, will we collaborate to form a lesson plan, goals, and benchmarks?
◩ Are you experienced in Progressive Metal / Math Rock, specifically integrated Flat-Pick, Fingerstyle, and Tapping techniques?
◩ Do or would you provide summary tabs of each lesson in Guitar Pro, MuseScore for Guitar, or saved to Guitar XML or MIDI format from your DAW?

In review, my interest is less about returning to the Acid/Avant-Funk/Prog Rock/Metal/Punk/Post-Punk/Darksynth that inspired me in the late 1960s, 70s, and 80s onward, but instead drawing on the primal spirit and distinct elements of that music into a future-present of Progressive Metal informed and infused with World Musics, Black Dance, EDM, Trance, Hip-Hop, and Rap. I work towards a vision of progressive rock that is rhythm inclusive, instead of melody and harmony alone, accessible, communicative, and appealing outside the insular culture of CisHet Misogyny that pervades the music and entertainment industry.
Examples on both acoustic and electric guitar.
Tim Henson | Neurotica (Unplugged)
Polyphia | Playing God
Tim Henson | Playing God (Unplugged)
The Making Of Playing God
Mateus Asato covering I’ll Be Over You
Lastly, I am 65 years old Black Trans Woman with no family, no friends, no tribe, presumed less-than by society, presumed guilty by law and custom ― speaking to one that society defines as the norm, rational, and innocent at face value regardless of evidence and context.
The cost of lessons is no small investment. I lost my part-time job due to COVID, and though I am searching for another job and starting a music-related business until I replace that supplemental income, I only have my social security retirement to support me. If you see these ‘details’ as pedantic, my identity, my musical goals, my questions as superfluous, not cost-effective and an unreasonable imposition on your business, I will continue my search.