Intentıonal Common Sense foг Intentıonal Communıty
Intentional Community
Worker-Owned Cooperative
Mixed-Use Built & Natural Space
Residential-Learning-Light Industry
Sociocratic aka Dynamic Self-Governance
Public Benefit or Social Purpose Corporation
Business Support & Community Infrastructure

I am Muirén (sounds like moorRAYN), pronouns She, Her, and I identify as African-American Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, Cooperative Enterprise and Product Architect, Advocate for Ecocentric Socially Responsible Technology.

My message is to the literate, deliberate, and thoughtful, those who see frontiers closer to earth as a higher priority than the orbital luxury hotels, interworld cruise ships, and Martian colonies that neo-Liberals fantasise escape to after they have burned this world to the ground, murder-working millions for personal gain.

Síofгa Tech Musıc Instгuments is intended as an innovative, self-supporting Live-Learn-Make Worker Cooperative for the ArtScience of Communications, Performance, Craft, Artisanship, Intellectual Property and Patent Management.

As much as we are about the business crafting exquisite fusions of art and technology to keep a roof over our heads, our mission is also a practical demonstration of how people of humble means can transition from a society that clings to the culture of aristocrats while outwardly professing to believe in the practice of democratic freedom.

Instead of retreating to an imagined communal utopia, I suggest we unite to secure the common good by renewing our commitment to lifelong study and practice of democratic processes, the better to secure equal justice and liberty for all. That demands a higher order of assumption testing, truth-seeking, disciplined reason and fact facing.

Our motto, “Economic Democracy for Social Democracy”, is grounded in cooperativism and our adaptation of Sociocracy, self-governance based on an intentional common sense, a lingua franca of reason, culture as technology prioritised for the understanding of people in context, to optimise human strengths, accommodate human limitations.

Think of our organization science as an extraordinary Live Action Role Play with real-world social and economic consequences for breaking the rules, a world where all courts are science courts, an intentional common sense for all, deliberately inclusive of peoples historically disenfranchised by law and custom.

The reason for this intentional common sense is that no matter how well-intentioned, the moment we seek to compel another person to accept as fact, that which we accept by faith, we deny them the freedom we enjoy. Our community must afford everyone the freedom of their native common sense without coerced assimilation, allowing no policy, regulation, law to be made nor exercised that is based on cultural assumptions or supernatural beliefs.

Our relatively mundane daily experiences will serve as a mixture of political drama and guerrilla theatre artfully employed to demonstrate how other real-world communities, villages, towns, or cities can realistically transition to an adaptive, resilient, sustainable cooperative model better suited for life in an increasingly volatile world.

Before us lay the prerequisite tasks of completing research and development for incorporation, site selection, and the construction of our community as a public-private living lab and living stage.

Should you be inspired to commit your time, talent, and treasure to the continued organisation of the inception of this community, feel free to contact me directly.

Muirén Ní Sídach
6736 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94605-2135

+1.510-809-7391 Text or Voicemail
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