Glımг Change Engıne

/sheevfra/ sounds like

noun: fairy-like, fairy child, changeling, precocious child
/ɡlimər/ sounds like

verb: to shine faintly with a wavering light; “the moonlight glimmered on the lawn”

Join our maker co-operators in building a most unusual MIDI 2.0 Control Ecosystem featuring machine vision and learning, combined in a unique form of motion capture for guitar and bass players, something like a Mother Box of DC Comics fame. And if the physiologypsychologyneuroscience, and psycho-acoustics of musicianship, magic and Illusion fascinate you, all the better.

The unobtainium required for this project is now available in the form of the ProtoZOA board by AmeNote of Canada. Supported with open-source firmware and software, it has a dual Raspberry Pi Pico combined with a CME WIDI Core and serves as the first official prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0 specification systems.

We will soon introduce a secure forum for Siofra Tech’s membership to collaborate on our integrated cyber-physical products and services for performing arts; with revenue dedicated to covering legal fees, basic operation, and funding the acquisition and development of property for our non-profit, live-work zoned campus and reinvented municipal services.

These first offerings being developed conform to our culture and design aesthetic based on Clarke’s Third Law, “technology indistinguishable from magic” only used in a literal sense as compared to the phrases common use as promotional hyperbole.

This is not to be confused with the dominant culture of stage magic and illusion, but a new vision described as “Peripheral Magic and Illusion”, objects of art, devices, and actions that appear mundane but through the sophistry of ArtScience human psychology and leading-edge technology begs attention at the periphery of awareness only to disappear on direct examination, intentional use of the “uncanny valley” theory to create an otherworldly experience.

◩ Discourse Forum Software
◩ Cooperative-Owned and Paywalled
◩ Collaborative Project Management
◩ Secure Code Display & File Sharing
◩ In-Forum Display of 2D & 3D Models
    ◿ Diagrams for Handwired & Manufactured PCB Circuits
    ◿ Display and Sharing of Open Stage Control Interfaces with Common DAW Platforms