Custom REALITY 112FR Rendering | Barefaced Audio
I request you consider building for me a matched set of two for stereo and dual channel effects.
Please click here for the image in PDF Format (2.01 MB or 2,117,811 bytes).
◩ Tolex Stock Black, Mojotone Charcoal Tweed, or Black Carbon Fibre
◩ Speaker Cover (Sans Grill Cloth): Matte Black Waffle
◩ Baffled Colour: Barefaced R-7040 Pearl Grey, RV-312 Sagan Blue
All art reproductions by An Muirén aka The Seabird aka Muirén Ní Sídach, original trademarks and patents are the property of Barefaced Audio. Sorry my ideation rendering is not more technically accurate.

Gear Description
Hybrid MIDI Guitar Controllers
These are partscaster based on Warmoth body, neck,  and custom Wudtone Holy Grail Tremolo, with Fishman Fluence Pickups SSS Configuration; modified Fishman TriplePlay and Graphtech GHOST Acousti-Phonic + Hexpander MIDI Interface. These run through an Arturia MiniFUSE 2, Custom Hardware DAW, Pedalboard built around a Line 6 HX Stomp, MIDI Switches, Expression Pedals, and various Pedal FX.

Hard Synths: Arturia MicroFREAK, Cre8Audio West Pest
Soft Synths: Vital Wavetable, Arturia Pigments 3
Amps: REVV G20 and REVV Generator 100P MK3

General Music Styles Played
Afro-Celt Folk Rock & Blues, Funk Rock, Acid Rock, Progressive Metal, EDM + EBM, Synthwave, Dark Synth Fusion

Muirén Ní Sídach
2020 Durant Ave #104
Berkeley, CA 94704-1556

+1.510-809-7391 Text or Voicemail

Interests In Brief
Teknomage, Storyteller, Musician, Artist, Maker, Fashionista, Co-Founder of Síofгa Tech the ArtScience Worker Co-op for Performing Arts & Technologies.
#AntiRacist #BLMToo #TransRights = #HumanRights