This is the founding of Síofгa Tech, the ArtScience Worker Cooperative for innovative Music Instruments and Co-Creative Ecosystems, a community open to all but deliberately inclusive of the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ communities, specifically those of the African Diaspora and the Indigenous People of the Americas and Polynesia.

To radically reduce the costs of living, guarantee housing and other critical infrastructure many of us find difficult to access, this will be a unique transit-oriented, mixed-use, Live-Work CoHousing campus in a near-suburban rural location.

Just so we are clear, right now there are approximately 3 million for-profit cooperative businesses with the top 300 for-profit cooperatives generating over $2.14 billion USD in revenue in 2019.

This proposal s not for one more non-profit struggling for donations to pay rent every month, it is not a grocery, bakery, or bicycle repair co-op, nor a boutique creating over-priced food, drinks, and goods for affluent yuppies and employing only a handful of people with elite skills.

I speak of a democratic economy employing the broad spectrum of skills necessary for a community to thrive and grow, through lifelong learning the opportunity to transition through many stages of life with confidence.

Sadly a great many of our community see themselves as kings and queens building their own empires. Kings and Queens do not work in solidarity but view life as a chessboard, with everyone a fool or a competitor, preferring mutually assured failure, rather than cooperative thriving.

My job isn’t to be your hero but to provide a sound community framework and honest socio-economic tools to strengthen yourself and those you love.

I am Muirén Sídach, and I invite you to join me.

“Strong People Don’t Need Strong Leaders”
Ella Baker