A Novel Cooperative Community for Research, Design, Manufacturing
A new concept or paradigm by its nature cannot be communicated by the cultural shorthand of an elevator pitch, the 280 character limit of a Tweet, or an animated meme on IG or TikTok. Any systemic solution capable of engendering the systemic change needed for real people to thrive requires a disciplined program of cooperative fact-facing, understanding at depth and decision-making; it demands managed risk and a sober commitment in bringing the vision to fruition.

Struggling through traditional methods to occupy a niche, a higher seat at the table of an unjust system of Intersectional Racialized Class is a bribe, with that provisional success, we are less, not more likely, to engage in any covert action that threatens to alter the laws and customs our wealth and esteem are now, even more, dependant upon.

Our challenge then is to help our peers who are as fearful, complicated, messy as ourselves, to see that life is NOT by nature a chess game of self-styled Kings and Queens, heroic leaders building their Neoliberal Capitalist empires. We must get them to consent, if not embrace, a Cooperative Capitalism that promotes the general welfare and restores the common good.

Depending on the location, this multi-stakeholder cooperative will be a Public Benefit or Social Purpose Corporation (B-Corp), patronage addressing intellectual property and patent management, within sociocratic organization science augmented by a decision support system adapted to cooperative principles and culture. To sustainably reduce stress and distractions from our creative discipline, to ensure the full participation by all in the democratic process, we feature an integral, corporate subsidized Live-Learn-Make CoHousing Campus with reinvented social infrastructure that radically reduces costs of living.

Please consider being truly subversive, invest in learning about; join and contribute your time, talent, and treasure in forming an innovative ArtScience Worker Cooperative for the research, design, and development of advanced cultural and material technologies in the field of performing arts.

Our name is Síofra (sounds like shee-off-rah) Tech, the ArtScience Worker Cooperative for Music Instruments and CoHousing Community and the Ráithold Cooperative Union‘s first business and cornerstone. While open to all who share a commitment to economic democracy for social democracy, this community is deliberately inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically, its most disenfranchised Trans and Gender Non-Conforming members, those of the African Continent, the African Diaspora, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Polynesia, Middle East, Asian Continent and Southeast Asian Islands.

Stronger together, we are co-creative, powerful, cyberphysical changelings, agents of change, and we aim to misbehave.