Whıskey 10k on a Full Sleeve

Hope to have the Whıskey 10k on a Full Sleeve available by mid-2022. As a replacement or in addition to the Heads Up! (QWERTY), it is a custom 10-Key, with a smaller footprint, larger buttons, larger, higher-quality touchpad and haptic feedback.

A Brief History of the Numeric Keypad
Francesco Bertelli, September 11, 2018
There’s no logical reason why telephones and calculators use different numeric keypads.
So why do we still follow the same convention?
Picture the keypad of a telephone and calculator side by side. Can you see the subtle difference between the two without resorting to your smartphone? Don’t worry if you can’t recall the design. Most of us are so used to accepting the common interfaces that we tend to overlook the calculator’s inverted key sequence. A calculator has the 7–8–9 buttons at the top whereas a phone uses the 1–2–3 format.
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