“Unicorn Milk” Prototype Update 2021-11-08

Thought I would share an updated rendering I just finished of my “Unicorn Milk” prototype.

I am transitioning to the graphic design software Affinity by Serif Ltd (EU).

This was mostly done by importing SVG line drawing from Inkspace, then adding details in Affinity Designer (vector) then some colouring and touchups in Affinity Photo (raster) effects, before exporting it to a PNG file format to post online.

Anyway, I am patiently awaiting the neck to be finished with my friends at Warmoth. It is Quartersawn Maple (Roasted/Torrified) with a Wenge wood fretboard.

Last evening the Holy Grail Tremolo Blackened Satin Nickel finish arrived from Wudtone UK.

You can’t tell in the image, but the bridge saddles are the Graph Tech GHOST system with electronics for both acoustic and hexaphonic MIDI out.

My special sauce is an active resonance system that acts in some ways like a sustainer, and though the pickguard and controls are traditional in appearance, they are anything but. Wish I could say more. You will have to wait for the demonstration video.